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There is light at the end of the tunnel.

I haven’t written here in nearly four months.

I know that breaks so many rules about blog writing and believe me, I’ve been beating myself up about it for a few weeks now.  I’ve been busy and I should have blogged about all the things that have been keeping me busy but instead they distracted me, so just to mention them and to justify my silence.  In the last four months…

I got a full time job in a very special design agency that is like a family that I really love being a part of, see Publica.   As it happens, half of my role is to be a copy writer so let’s just set the record straight right now, I have been pursuing my dream, just not here.

My son turned five and started school, funnily enough the same week I started working full time hours.  If you are a mum with children in school you will know how this will have gone down.  Oh and also he got a sickness bug that lasted a week after four days at school.

I turned 40 which sadly didn’t keep me busy at all, it was a very low-key affair, no ‘holiday of a lifetime with my spouse’ or ‘spa weekend away with the girls’, but I just wanted to let you know I have entered a new decade and no it’s not OK, they are not the new thirties and I do feel different.  That said, I am determined to not be a ridiculously ungrateful, first-world cliche about this and will march on like a good little soldier.  I mean, what choice do I have anyway, it happened.

Someone in our family has cancer.  The 11,000 miles between New Zealand and England just got so much bigger.  We all hope no one we love gets this news but I imagine the stats are fiercely stacked against that being possible.  It’s heart breaking and mind messingly disappointing.

My other half is working on a project that takes the lion’s share of his time, mind and emotions, which is part of the career path he has taken.  I don’t resent it, I am proud of how hard he works, but it’s no walk in the park being the full time working wife and mother with a good attitude.  I’m trying.  It’s exhausting.

Also we had a lodger for a couple of months, Minnie broke her arm, we haven’t had a holiday since Christmas, I’m on the school PTA, food doesn’t magically appear in the cupboards, occasionally I have a social life and Facebook sucks me in!!

And so I think that’s why I haven’t written in the last four months, just been lacking in focus, time and energy.  But I think more than ever, the time has come to start blogging again.  For these key reasons:

  • when I am writing so much for clients, I need a place where I write for me, where I am the person who signs it off and says it’s ready to publish
  • I’ve learnt so much about SEO in the last four months, I want to put it into practice
  • I have things I want to say, thoughts are brewing and buzzing up there in the loft space of my head
  • words give me life

I’m out of practice, it’s probably going to be a rough ride to begin with as I get back into the saddle, I am re-thinking what this blog will be about so there may be changes, but I’ve written this one and I’ll be back again soon.



  1. I’m exhausted just reading that Clairey! Good for you for getting through and coping and generally being awesome. Good to have you back in the world of blogging, I’ve missed you xx

  2. You sound like you need a hug Claire , well done and good luck with the job , It does get easier as they get older Claire I’m sure you are doing an amazing job xxx

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