Month: May 2012

Ethan’s Beach

Ethan's Beach

Minnie’s best friend in New Zealand is without a doubt Ethan, who is most certainly a good choice for a best friend – he’s gorgeous and a very good influence on my little madam. On top of that he lives near the beach so this Sunday we went for a walk on the sand.

What this photo does not show you is about two minutes after this was taken me and the littlies got soaked by a rogue wave unexpectedly chasing us away. I took it the worst – I really find beaches too messy for my OCD tendencies and am not a fan of sand in my toes.

But I will learn to love the beach because I know my children will and this is part of our life here in Christchurch. I am posting this photo to remind me of the good times before the damp walk back to dry land.

Ten Things I Miss About England

I thought it was a good time to do one of these lists.  I will probably revise in 6-12 months time.  And this list will not be including my wonderful family and friends – they are a given in missing the homeland. In no particular order, other than what springs up first when I think of home: Candy King Clothes shops (you know who you are Jack Wills, Sweaty Betty and GAP) Georgian architecture Sarcasm (it’s too negative for the Kiwis) British TV – I have no idea how I am going to cope during Strictly season! The lack of earthquakes Gastropubs, Indian take-aways and 60 Hope Street Heatwaves (this will definitely not be on the list in six months time) Marmite that costs less than £10 Yorkshire, Cumbria and Bath

Return to normal

I realise that “normal” is generally an unquantifiable entity in that, what is normal when life changes all the time?  But today, after two weeks of upset and sickness, I saw a glimpse of my son’s normal self. Again it’s difficult to say what is normal for a one year old baby as they still aren’t developed enough to really know what their personality is.  There are far too many other factors that alter them (teething, injections, moods of older siblings, moving countries, inability to move) and make them appear to be a certain way (moody, sad, scared, unsettled, frustrated).  Put it this way, I wouldn’t want to describe Jackson’s personality based on the last two weeks – he has not looked good! So this afternoon, when there seemed to be no discomfort or pain effecting him, my boy was cheeky, bold and happy.  He also pooed in his potty, ate some food and played with his toys – normal.  I really do hope this lasts for a while – I am shattered. 12 hours …

I miss cooking for adults

Seven days a week, 52 weeks of the year I plan a menu that includes home cooked meals, using fresh ingredients for me and my family to eat.  Five days out of each week my dinners suffer some form of rejection and/or abuse. Take today for instance, while my children are sleeping I have prepared a dinner of steamed green beans and roasted cherry toms, marinated then grilled chicken breast, home made wedge potato chips and red cabbage coleslaw.  I am pretty sure we will have to bribe Minnie to finish half of her plate and Jackson won’t even let the majority of it anywhere near his mouth, then I will give up passing things to him and he will spend the rest of dinner time throwing food from either side of his high chair – that is the only point in the meal when he looks like he is really enjoying my food. Weaning both my children has been a heartbreaking experience for this mum-who-likes-to-cook.  I am pretty sure my children have the smallest …

Yes your majesty

This may well be one of the hardest weeks in my career as a mother. Starts off, after a shaky weekend following inoculations, with Jackson still being curiously grumpy.  After five days of Jackson rejecting almost all foods and being downright miserable, I Googled Hepatitis B, just to make sure it wasn’t worth taking our chances and sacking off inoculations for the real thing.  But it looks pretty nasty so we’ll brave the next batch of injections. By Thursday I’ve really had quite enough of all this sadness dragging us down so off we go to the GP.  “Doctor won’t do my leg mummy?” inquires my little girl as we walk into the waiting room. “No sweetheart” (I’m officially dreading the next lot of those things!). Turns out Jackson has tonsillitis – almost relieved as that means there’s a chance we won’t have this much upset next month.  He’s on antibiotics and should be better for the weekend, which is nice for daddy but I can’t help feeling a little bitter about the fact I’ve …

My first one

Felt my first earthquake today.  I was sat on the floor playing with the children so I was able to just feel the house shake and then it stopped. Apparently there are two types, rolly and shaky, this felt like a rolly one. I asked Minnie if she felt it, she said she felt like she needed a snack. So there we go, I’m not an earthquake virgin anymore – phew!


Even though we were all up to date in the UK my poor little babes are now facing rounds of immunisations, for Hepatitis B. Like every other mother I dread them.  The actual injection when you have to grip your child as the nurse stabs them, the feeling “delicate” for the rest of the day and in the case of my poor son, the loss of appetite leading to trouble having a poo. They had their injections on Thursday, four days later and Jackson is still not himself.  And in three weeks time we have to go through it all again, then four weeks later another one.  A month after that he will be 15 months and due his MMR. So whilst I am still reeling from the horrors that are baby immunisations I would just like to say – anyone who doesn’t get their child immunised is selfish and spineless. And you’re very welcome that the rest of us put our children through this to make sure the population don’t suffer from epidemics of …