Being a Mum
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Even though we were all up to date in the UK my poor little babes are now facing rounds of immunisations, for Hepatitis B. Like every other mother I dread them.  The actual injection when you have to grip your child as the nurse stabs them, the feeling “delicate” for the rest of the day and in the case of my poor son, the loss of appetite leading to trouble having a poo.

They had their injections on Thursday, four days later and Jackson is still not himself.  And in three weeks time we have to go through it all again, then four weeks later another one.  A month after that he will be 15 months and due his MMR.

So whilst I am still reeling from the horrors that are baby immunisations I would just like to say – anyone who doesn’t get their child immunised is selfish and spineless. And you’re very welcome that the rest of us put our children through this to make sure the population don’t suffer from epidemics of the 19th century!


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