Month: April 2013

Celebrating Anzac Day

Today was Anzac Day, which I believe is the Australia/New Zealand equivalent to Remberance Sunday in the UK.  The lovely thing about it over here is that they give a Bank Holiday for it and this year it was a Thursday, so a little reprieve towards the end of the week – sweet. Yesterday, Minnie and I baked Anzac biscuits to mark the day and today we brought them to the beach for our Anzac Day family outing.  Jackson is modelling his Anzac biscuit here. After spoiling the children (and let’s face it us too because we get to stay horizontal for another hour) with a special iPad showing of The Lion King in mummy and daddy’s bed, we set off for Taylor’s Mistake.  This is a particularly attractive bay round the corner from Sumner where surfers and paragliders like to hang out.  We chose the less adventurous pursuit of sitting on a bench watching the waves whilst our children ran around us.  Which was all very nice until the little monkeys decided to make …

Spot the Difference

I just found an old photo of my eldest when she was coming up two.  Apart from the fact that I think she looks absolutely gorgeous in it and I want to show her off to the world.  I thought it would be fun to get one of Jackson who is two in June (wow that went fast!) and put them on the same post. What is funny is even though Minnie was born in November and Jackson in June, they both turned two in the Autumn – aahh the weirdness of emigrating to the other side of the world. Anyways here’s the very lovely Minnie, Autumn 2011:And here’s the handsome Jackson, Autumn 2013: Spot the difference.