Month: August 2012

Pretty as a Butterfly

We went to the Farmer’s Market for our gourmet porridge yesterday morning like we do most Saturdays (I ran there so totally earned my whisky soaked raisins and vanilla custard topping).  A new thing this weekend was face painting, I was tempted but instead we spent our $2 on Minnie. This is for the grandparents, enjoy.


In one of my previous blogs I said I hated eggs so it may come as a surprise that essentially I’ve cooked an omelete for my children.  I’m pretty shocked I went for it myself but not as shocked as I was when my children LOVED THEM.  Which is why I have decided to recommend it, I mean who knew! This recipe is from the River Cottage Baby & Toddler Cookbook.  This is a good book and they don’t shove their organically charged aspirations down your throat as much as you may think. As they say, you can put in almost any vegetable into this recipe and I would also be tempted to add in crispy bacon, chorizo or cooked chicken.  What I’ve written below is my adaption of the recipe – if you want the original, buy the book you probably won’t regret it. Recipe: 350g new potatoes (cooked) 2 tbsp olive oil 1 yellow pepper 8 cherry tomatoes Handful of frozen corn Handful of frozen peas Bunch of spring onions 5 eggs 100g …

Thick Vegetable Soup

This recipe is very basic and therefore adaptable.  I am just giving you one example but there are many variants. It’s really more a principle that I am sharing here, which is, if you want to get vegetables into your children, have soup at lunch time.  My little boy has been harder than his sister to wean, and I cried a lot weaning her.  One of Jackson’s top three annoying-to-feed features is he doesn’t want to eat vegetables or fruit so I have to adapt.  I make fruit puree which he eats every breakfast with yogurt and five days out of the week we will have vegetable soup at lunch time.  This may change when we get into the hotter months. I generally use three vegetables from the following; carrot, swede, leek, parsnip, sweet potato, pepper, tomato, squash, pumpkin. This is the soup for the next few days (I make a batch and don’t worry if I serve it two days in a row – it’s only lunch). (I will try to improve my food …

Feeding Children

I’ve changed my little blog a bit to accommodate a new section I want to put in on family cooking.  My children are not naturally big eaters, certainly as babies they have not been the type to eat whatever is put in front of them.  This has forced me to work very hard on feeding them.  And what they have discovered is their mother is no push over on this matter. I was brought up on the ‘you cannot leave the table until you have cleared your plate’ regime.  And whilst I now feel that there are some down sides to how my parents ruled the dinner table, like eating beyond my hunger, I generally am in awe of what they did.  The result is that my brother and I will eat anything.  OK so I think eggs are of the devil but I would eat them if someone gave me them for dinner (please no one test me on this!). Here are the highlights from our upbringing that I wish to teach the future …

My girl

My girl

Many times I sit down at the end of the day and think I have literally been dragged through the day by these monsters who are my children. And I am sad that I feel that way. But then some days they let me enjoy them and I am so proud and delighted to be their mum. Today Minnie was that child.