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Outside the box

The great thing about children, and in particular ones that are below four, they are not afraid to do things slightly different to how everyone else is doing them.

Take Minnie and her new best friend Ethan.  They both have matching scooters (it’s like they were meant to be) and they are learning to ride them.  Like me, you might think that the best way to learn to ride a scooter is to listen to instruction, watch how mummy does it and then have a go yourself.  But Minnie and Ethan aren’t like you or I, no they like to think outside of the box.  On their journey of scooter discovery they like to do this…


I have no idea how long this phase of learning to “ride” a scooter is going to last but I am believing that it’s a brief warming up to actually putting feet on the scooter and attempting to push oneself in a forward motion.  One can only hope.

In the meantime I am trying to work out a way to safely strap Jackson onto it so I have both hands free whilst out and about with the children.

Only messing.

Maybe the change bag though?

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