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Ten Things I Miss About England

I thought it was a good time to do one of these lists.  I will probably revise in 6-12 months time.  And this list will not be including my wonderful family and friends – they are a given in missing the homeland.

In no particular order, other than what springs up first when I think of home:

  1. Candy King
  2. Clothes shops (you know who you are Jack Wills, Sweaty Betty and GAP)
  3. Georgian architecture
  4. Sarcasm (it’s too negative for the Kiwis)
  5. British TV – I have no idea how I am going to cope during Strictly season!
  6. The lack of earthquakes
  7. Gastropubs, Indian take-aways and 60 Hope Street
  8. Heatwaves (this will definitely not be on the list in six months time)
  9. Marmite that costs less than £10
  10. Yorkshire, Cumbria and Bath

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