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Return to normal

I realise that “normal” is generally an unquantifiable entity in that, what is normal when life changes all the time?  But today, after two weeks of upset and sickness, I saw a glimpse of my son’s normal self.

Again it’s difficult to say what is normal for a one year old baby as they still aren’t developed enough to really know what their personality is.  There are far too many other factors that alter them (teething, injections, moods of older siblings, moving countries, inability to move) and make them appear to be a certain way (moody, sad, scared, unsettled, frustrated).  Put it this way, I wouldn’t want to describe Jackson’s personality based on the last two weeks – he has not looked good!

So this afternoon, when there seemed to be no discomfort or pain effecting him, my boy was cheeky, bold and happy.  He also pooed in his potty, ate some food and played with his toys – normal.  I really do hope this lasts for a while – I am shattered.

12 hours later….

Half past midnight and Jackson begins a screaming fest that lasts two hours – may this not be the norm!  We go in to check, go through the list;

  • nappy – clear
  • temperature – none
  • hot cheeks – nope
  • head wedged against cot – in central position
  • monster under the bed – no sign

So we give a cautionary spoon of paracetamol (sneaky teething I hate you) and go back to bed – he must self soothe! 20 minutes later I’ve given in (I need to sleep!!) and I’m rocking him into a calm state.  He’s fine! Put him down.  20 minutes later Gareth is in rocking. He’s asleep until he is put down. 20 minutes later Gareth is back in. Half past two and he is asleep.

Our conclusion is he does not like to be awake and alone.  Where has this come from? Will this last? Do we really have to leave him for two hours without comfort to get him to re-learn to self-soothe?

The answer is of course making a plan (Daddy is plumping for boot camp) and then riding it out with a few “tweaks” to the original plan as we go along.  I know that this behaviour will not last.  Minnie had these “blips” and she is a strong sleeper now (did not stir during the two hours of wailing last night) and there is nothing really to say Jackson won’t go the same way – other than he is most certainly more keen on our company than she ever was.

This is what I mean about normal…what is it when it’s always changing?

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