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This is you my friend.

A friend of mine is going through a REALLY tough time at the moment and she was telling me how someone had said to her that she had to see herself as her loved ones and friends see her.

I’ve been thinking about that ever since, and it struck me that maybe she doesn’t know how her friends see her because we don’t always say what we think about our friends do we? I mean we might occasionally say something encouraging, empathise in a situation or pay a compliment but do we tell our friends all the reasons why we love them?

So this is for you my friend, so you can see what I see.

You light up the room when you are in it. You always look good in the outfits you wear, you put yourself together perfectly and you smell delicious. You obviously pay attention to the way that you look but it doesn’t consume you, you are natural, not vain or obsessed. You have lovely skin, pretty eyes and a dainty form.

You’re full of energy, there is no apathy in you. I know you sometimes find it difficult to get out of bed but that’s your body telling you to rest because when you get up you’re going to give your all to the day. You are a warrior. You face fears with courage, you don’t shy away from a fight and don’t settle for second best.

You are a fierce lioness for your boys. You see them as only their mother can and you love them without end. I have seen you make decisions where you put their needs before yours and you have made tough decisions so they grow into men that others will love; not pampered, not spoilt, not selfish. You are not always with them, but there is a Father that watches over them, and your prayers protect them and fight for them.

You are a daughter of the Most High, fearfully and wonderfully made. A light that shines in the dark and never goes out. You are never alone. You are radiant, you were made for such a time as this, you have a purpose, you are being moulded into the heavenly you, a work is being done in you that will be completed.

A thief stole your other half but that doesn’t make you only half. You are full, you are whole, you are enough. You are valuable and treasured, you are seen and you have a place. You have a future and it is bountiful. You will have romance, you will be cherished, you will know faithfulness.

You’re feisty and imperfect with it, so you don’t get it right all of the time. But you are true, you are real, you are honest. I know I can trust you. You don’t hide, you let yourself be known so I can be sure of you, you might surprise me with flowers or a hand of help but you would never shock me with deceit or disappointment.

You are passionate about your work. That’s why your boss is so good to you, because she knows the return on her investment will be worth it. You care about the people you work for and work hard to give them the best.

You are strong and disciplined. When you set your mind to something you are relentless in your pursuit. Sure you might not succeed all the time but you never give up trying, you don’t take the easy route, you find a way to push forward. Hope gets you back up again.

Today is your day my friend, take it one step at a time. Don’t rush, be kind to yourself. Smile. Choose love because it will always beat hate and it will drive away fear.

This is how I see you my friend, look in the mirror and see this.

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