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The Sweet Thief

Over the last month we have had several episodes of sweet stealing by Jackson.  He literally can sniff them out and it doesn’t matter how high they are hidden, he manages to get to them.  This boy can’t put on his velcro fastening trainers but he can get a chair, climb onto the kitchen counter and get sweets from the highest shelf in the cupboard.  I need to hide chocolate in the bottom of his shoes clearly.

To be honest I find it pretty amusing and somewhat impressive.  I know, I should be mortified by him consuming a whole pack of Haribo Sours before breakfast.  And I am, but I also love his cheek.

In a way he’s helping us all to be more healthy, because we’ve basically been forced to not have any sweets in the house.  If they’re not available then they can’t tempt a four year old to a life of crime or be used as an emotional prop by two shattered parents on a Friday night.  Everyone’s a winner.

It reminded me of the time Gareth caught a much younger Jackson in the act of stealing Christmas chocolates from a present meant for our friends a couple of years ago….



  1. Keith Parker says

    You could always get some of those ‘joke’ sweets that look great but taste terrible!

  2. Jackie says

    Reminds me of Rod whole stole the Christmas tree chocolates and left the foil dangling from the tree and the stolen sweetie wrappers pushed into your school water flask. Where there is a will there is a way! xx

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