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One week in.

I’m a week in on ‘Make-A-Change March’ and whilst I do want to have a month off and not put lots of pressure on myself to get through a to-do list, I thought I would just have a quick check-in on the things I said I would be aiming for this month.

Well there’s still quite a bit to be done…ahem….

For me, the early starts is the key challenge that I absolutely want to master by the end of the month, because I am convinced that if I could start every week day at 6am (I mean seriously that’s possible isn’t it??) I would easily achieve a lot of the other things on that list.

And yet, I find it so hard to lift my head off the pillow the other side of 7am. Why?  Because I rarely get to sleep before 11pm.

So for the rest of the week (and let’s face it, the rest of my life would be the ultimate aim!) I am going to do all that I can to have my head on the pillow for 10pm, which means I would get eight hours sleep – more than enough rest to have me up at 6am.

When you are the primary care giver for children that go to school, so many hours of your day are already accounted for; two hours a day in the car doing drop offs, 90 minutes to cook the dinner and eat it, 90 minutes for bath time, bed time, reading time, bouncing-them-back-into-their-bedrooms time, one hour getting them out of the house in the morning, 90 minutes for a dance class, two hours for a PTA meeting, so many hours spent on laundry.

If you want to work from home, doing something that you enjoy and brings in money then you have to be so productive with the hours that aren’t for being mummy, wife and housekeeper.  And this is where getting up at 6am is key for me.  That hour to myself every day will mean I start the day in peace; praying, running, planning, baking, all the things that give me life and awake my brain so it stays on track for the rest of the day.

It’s such a simple thing.  How many times have I read those smug celebrity interviews where Nicole, Gwyneth, Victoria or Jennifer talk about how they always get up at 6am or earlier and have a walk or do yoga or drink hot water with lemon and that is the key to their wonderful life.  It sounds so simple.  Of course I can then negate their discipline and list off all the reasons why it’s easier for them; they have a nanny, a cook, a big house in California, pots and pots of money! Which is all true but time costs nothing.  Discipline is free and totally available to me.

I know I need seven to eight hours sleep every night for me to be a fully functioning person so to get that hour at the beginning of the day, I’m going to have to take it off the other end.  Goodbye YouTube clips at 10.30pm, you’re funny but add nothing to my life.  Hello getting everything done in the daytime because I started right and stayed focussed.

Let’s see if this really is the life changer I think it might be…




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  1. I have dreamed of being the kind of person who gets up early… but I am not. And you are right the hours taken up with Mother/ household duties are many! I have thought that one week I will write down what I do with all my hours, because I forget easily the hours and hours of graft I put in to make sure every one else’s life runs according to plan. I have decided my kids are old enough to help more and am trying to institute some new household rules, I mean how hard can it be to put something away after you have used it? Apparently very hard. I am wondering whether I need to use a bit of tough love/ shock treatment. Thinking about getting a large box and putting all their crap in it. If they haven’t put it away within, say, three days, it goes in the bin…. Well, its a start, maybe I’ll claw back a few moments in my day. Loving the daily blogging. Miss you X

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