Being a Mum
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Happy Mother’s Day

Dear Mum

As it’s Mother’s Day in the UK today I thought I would write you a letter and thank you for all the things you have done for me over the years.

First of all, and most importantly, thanks for giving me safe passage into the world.  Given that you are five foot one, I was nine and a half pounds and two weeks late in the hottest summer ever this was no small task.

Thank you for teaching me that the world does not revolve around me and that I must always be aware of the people around me and try, as much as my imperfect self is able, to be kind and thoughtful, putting others needs first.

Granny Sign

Thank you for always being so generous.  You never spoilt me as a child but there were so many riches in my life; a beautifully decorated room of my own, Marks and Spencer snowball cakes on Fridays, your attention every day I came in from school, a home in a village that had a river 15 minutes walk away, a pub where I got my first Saturday job, a group of boys that became my brothers and so much of God’s beauty all around me.

As an adult you spoil me all the time with gifts and thoughtful treats.  Which leads me to thanking you for being the person in my world that always thinks of me, misses me when I am away, forgives me for all my mistakes, delights in my successes, cries with me in my battles, worries when I’m not well, listens to all my stories, tells me when I’m pushing the line, always always always loves me.

Thanks for diligently feeding me when I was young so I know how to feed my own family now.  I love fresh healthy food because that’s what you always gave me.  I love cooking because every meal you have ever given me was tasty (liver being the exception but I think that was more a lesson in endurance than a meal).  I know that sweet treats are a good thing in moderation because of six sweets after dinner.  I don’t drink to excess because you never did.

Thanks for showing me that it’s really important you choose a man to share your life with that is your match and values the same things you do.  And that once you have found the person you want to spend the rest of your life with, you work with all your might to make it last.  And on that note, thank you for Pops, who is most likely my children’s favourite grand parent and for Rosie, my much loved, bonus sister.

Us and the Olds

Thanks for giving me Nick.  My brother, who I am so proud of.  Who is loving and kind to the very core.  Hilariously funny, ridiculously silly and annoyingly clever.

I’m so thankful I inherited your legs and whilst dad also has a lot to do with my nose, I appreciate now that it saved me from being too vain as there’s nowhere to hide that big honker!

Me and Mum at Sumner with children

Thank you for letting other women play a role in mothering me and so I also thank Dora, Julie and Jenny for giving me so much love and guidance over the years.  I hope I can be secure enough to share my wonderful daughter with other strong, wise and faithful women so she gets all the role models she needs to grow into the best woman she can be.

Thank you for never judging me whilst I try to be the best mum I can to Minnie and Jackson.  I know I can always come to you for support and advice but you believe in me enough to let me do it my way.  And thank you for loving my children almost as much as I do.  I know that you love them unconditionally and they can feel that special acceptance and security from you.

I know that you have persevered many storms in your life, before I was born and after. You are just a normal woman like the rest of us but what makes you so special to me is that I know you are a woman of character, determination, faith, humility, discernment and strength, so much gritty strength.  I see now that you taught me to never let failure or hard times stop me from picking myself up and hoping for a better day, for sun after the rain and a second chance.  You also taught me that honesty is the best and simplest way to keep healthy relationships with the people you love.

I am very proud of you and the person you are.  If I had to choose my mum, I’d choose you every time and wouldn’t change you at all.  I miss you all the time and can’t wait to see you again.

Page 91

Thank you mum, have a happy Mother’s Day.

Love from your Claire x

PS As it’s not Mother’s Day until June in NZ your present is going to arrive late and this is your card- oops!




  1. Love the photo xxx says

    Thank you my darling for my lovely Mothering Sunday card. Actually I’m speechless, and I find it hard to make comments. I was so happy the day you arrived, I so hoped I would have a girl and there you were, big, bouncy and loud! You had the noisiest cry in the hospital. You have amazed me and challenged me through the years but I wouldn’t change anything. I have loved you from the start and love you to New Zealand and back a thousand times over. I am so proud of you and thank you for Minnie and Jackson, my wonderful grandchildren, and my fantastic son-in-law Gareth, you chose well. I have been blessed with two wonderful children ( you may be adults now but you are still my babies) and I am so very proud of you both. Thank you Lord.
    I miss you very much, every day I think of you all and check the weather in Christchurch. Looking forward to our next visit. So happy the day we arrive but the sadness when we leave is very hard to take, the not knowing when we shall see you again, it is a bitter sweet thing.
    Thank you again for your lovely words, they touched my heart and made me cry.
    Much love and many hugs xxxx

  2. Love the photo xxx says

    Oh, and thank you for not mentioning the “nail varnish” incident and the broom cupboard! xxx

  3. Rosie Norman says

    Clairey I love this it’s so uplifting to hear you praising your mum to the hilt… I’m sure she won’t know what to do with it (apart from cry) but she needs to hear it a lot more!!
    So well done Clairey , well done
    Moley for creating my lovely bonus sister(!!) and have a lovely Mother’s Day whenever yours may be NZ stylee!! Love me xx

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