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Be England What She Will, With All Her Faults I Love Her Still

This will be our fourth Winter in New Zealand now.  In many ways it’s hard to believe we have been here that long but at the same time, England feels like a distant memory.

I am homesick.

I think it’s a number of things that have triggered it off.  Facebook posts of friends over there at the moment.  The delayed Christmassy feeling I get in June.  Jackson having another birthday with no grandparents or cousins being there.

I think most of all it’s just, about time.

We’re very happy here.  Christchurch is a great place to bring up a family, we have a lovely home, good jobs, we’re in a vibrant church, we’ve made some awesome friends.  My homesickness isn’t about being unhappy here.  Anyone who lives away from where they grew up will know this feeling, it’s not that you want to go back as such, you just miss all the good things you had there that you don’t have here, like for me…

I miss being able to get a meal deal at Marks and Spencers on the weekend and throwing in a bag of Percy Pigs and Friends at the till.


I miss knowing every good eatery, shop and place to visit in a city, because I have literally been in or worked in every one.


I really want to be able to show my children where their parents grew up.  Because they are really beautiful places.

Lake DistrictWensleydale

I miss seeing architecture that dates back centuries and you look at it and wonder how it was built so wonderfully with the resources they had at that time.


And I miss that even though these buildings are really old, you can walk into every room in the house and it’s warm, because they have this innovative, modern invention called GAS CENTRAL HEATING!  Heating you don’t even notice is there and allows you to move from one room to another without the need to put your coat, hat and scarf back on.  Heating that doesn’t feel like you’ve got five hair dryers pointed at you.

I am acutely aware that our children have only vague recollections of most of their uncles, aunties and cousins.  They don’t know the pure joy of knowing this guy.

Nick and Pooh

I mean the one on the right.

Now I’m not ignorant to the fact that we are currently living in what could arguably be the most beautiful country in the world.  I am in awe of how many stunning places we can reach after travelling only a few hours in the car.  BUT I do miss a short flight getting you to places like this.

Screen Shot 2015-06-07 at 8.43.27 am

I think what would sort me out is a trip home.  I want to be the one that’s posting on Facebook that I’ve just seen the lesser spotted sunny summer’s day in England.  I want to drink a pint of shandy and eat a hearty pub lunch in Keswick.  I want all our family to delight in Jackson’s strong Kiwi accent.  I want to let Minnie loose in Zara Kids.  I want to fill a basket in Boots.

New Zealand you are an amazing country and it’s a privilege to live here, thank you for letting us in.  But what I really want now, is this.

Bake Off

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