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Good Junk Food

In our family we refer to the restaurant with the golden arches as “Dirty-donalds”.  I’m not proud to admit that my children have tasted a McNugget or two from there but we haven’t been through in months and I intend to keep it that way!

That’s not to say that our children don’t have junk food, in fact at least once a week I throw caution to the wind and serve up a dinner for the children…pause for mum to turn away from what I am about to type… that doesn’t have any green vegetables in it!!  Six days a week I plan and cook evening meals for the family that are clean, healthy, representative of all the food groups and one day a week, generally Friday because it’s curry night for mum and dad, I provide what I like to call good junk food.  It’s junk because something on the plate came from a can or the freezer or has added sugar.  It is good because it’s the highest quality of its kind, I cooked part of it from fresh, there is some salad sitting right next to it on the plate.

Here are our Top Three.

Hot Dogs.

The ‘dog’ part of this meal is the worst part.  Those smokey pink sausages have a bad reputation for being full of colouring, additives and sugar.  BUT I bought ours from the very good butchers down the road, so much more fresh than your suction packed ones from the supermarket, and they are sitting in a bake-at-home mini baguette, so yes to white bread but a relatively good quality bun.  To redeem the meal I also added cherry tomatoes, cucumber and olives.

Blog - hot dogs and salad munchies

Fish Fingers and Chips

Blog - oiled up potatoes Blog - fish fingers and chippies

Well there’s fish in this one, which is not easily consumed by my children!  The chips are made and baked at home, so fresh potatoes chipped, tossed in olive oil and salt and baked for about an hour – yum!  The fish diners have an oat crumb and are baked for the last 20 minutes of the chips.  And the beans…OK high in sugar but at least they’re…

Blog - beans


There is a lot more I could do to make these healthier and there was a time when I would make the dough from home (the machine broke) and I would make the tomato sauce (it’s really a faff and doesn’t come out nearly as well) but now I just buy the nice quality pizza base found in the chiller cabinet and a good jar of pasta sauce.  The toppings are generally fresh, I fry up mushrooms, garlic, courgettes and peppers and put them on top of the tomato sauce, finishing off with some cooked chicken and grated mozzarella cheese.

Blog - pizza before cooking Blog - plate of pizza and salad

Well loved by children and adults alike!

Blog - Minnie eats pizza Blog - J has pizza

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