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Jewels in the Crown

It’s that time again when the blog is clearly serving one of its main purposes – letting the family back home see our children, and this time, as an extra treat for Gran and Grandpa Cowles we have the other jewels in their crowns – cousins Eleanor and Amalie.

This Christmas we had the best of all sides of the world.  We had lovely hot, sunny days in beautiful locations and we got to share it with family.  Gareth’s sister and gorgeous family stared the long haul journey in the face and said we’ll ‘ave ya, which we are most impressed with.

So here they are, brother and sister.

ImageFast forward 30 years (give or take) and you get this brother and sister.  Shockingly similar no?

ImageAnyways we were joined by this lot.  Who flew in by helicopter….just kidding.


Thankfully everyone got along well from the start.

Walking in a line


We were all particularly relieved that these two became chums!

Big Cousins

Off down South we went and had some sweet memories made in Arthurs Point.  Wisely we mum’s were not told about the speed our beautiful girls would be traveling before they went out on Shotover Jet!!

Shotover Jet 2

However we did take them up little lifts up the top of a hill and take a luge down in Queenstown.

Hold on Rhiannon copy

Jackson hung out with some oversized sweets…that’s my boy.

Jackson & Bean copy

There was a lot of time spent in water.

Two Littlies in Pools copy

I mean a lot of time.

Big Girls Happy in Waves

Jackson had a Darcy moment, enjoy ladies…

Jackson coming out of pool copy

Gareth had some spa time, don’t be too jealous men….

Hot Spa Happy Place

But the men didn’t get all the fun, no we ladies had a night out at Arrowtown cinema (go if you can!) to see Philomena (watch it!) and a bike ride from Queenstown to Arrowtown rewarded us with views like this.

Claire & Rhiannon's Bike Ride

Ice cream was a daily occurrence.

Jackson Chocolate Ice Cream


Cowles Family Ice CreamAnd there were always smiles.

Amalie copy

Big Girl Grins

So I am thankful.  Thankful to our parents for giving us our family.  Thankful for cousins that love to play together.  Thankful for our UK visitors making the trip.  Thankful for sun, sea and sand.  Thankful for such a beautiful country to be living in. Thankful for God’s blessings on our lives, that He loved us so much He gave us His Son, we celebrate Christmas and this is what we get to do in celebration, be with family.

Which also leads me to a very practical photo….the hat and dress for Minnie fitted lovely thanks!

Minnie in new hat copy




  1. Keith Parker says

    Since you’ve been gone ( that would make a good name for a cd) I have seen very few pictures of you,Claire. Any chance you can give the camera to Gareth?

    • Hey Keith. Happy New Year! Minnie took some photos of me over Christmas actually so I shall get one on my next blog – just for you :o) I basically look the same just a bit older!

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