Being a Mum
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The comedy of children

I find being mum to two small children really stressful, I think more than the average mum because I am a certified control freak and a nearly three year old and 16 month old will not be controlled, some days they won’t even be gently guided.  I’m finding it doubly hard this week so thought I’d share a couple of funny stories from the past few weeks.

First of all, the quick wit of Minnie:  I often treat her to a juice bottle that is covered in garish pink patterns and Dora the Explorer on, you know the type, allegedly water but really highly flavoured and full of trash.  I buy her the bottle as a treat and then for the rest of the week I fill it with water – how clever am I.   Anyways one dinner time I thought I would educate myself on exactly what’s in it and picked up the bottle to read through the ingredients.  My suspicions were right, seriously no natural stuff in there.  Minnie starts screaming at me, she’s afraid I’m going to pinch her not really pink fruit juice.  I say, “It’s OK Minnie I’m just reading the bottle”, to which she replies, “It’s not a book Mummy”. Sarcasm at nearly three, that’s my girl.

This is more amusing at the expense of my son but hey he gives me enough grief to deserve it! We were at a play park and they’re both climbing all over the place, threatening death defying jumps at opposite ends of the climbing frame (see why I’m so stressed).  Then Jackson starts crying for no reason and from then on just won’t snap out of it, not for all the sugary snacks in my bag.  Eventually I give in and take them home.  Jackson still being really grumpy, fidgeting through lunch, screaming at me when I try to distract him with play, nothing will cheer him up.  We make it to nap time and I lie him on the floor to change his nappy and suddenly it all becomes clear, there, stuck to his little pink testicles are two brightly coloured hair slides – ouch!  Needless to say, he cheered up once he had a fresh nappy on.

Then there’s the long list of daily deeds my children do to bring a smile to my face.

  • the way Jackson giggles when you rub your head on his belly
  • the sight of my two children hugging each other on the bean bag
  • Minnie lying on my lap and demanding I scratch her back (sound familiar mum?!)
  • Jackson squeezing his eyes shut as he goes head first down a tunnel slide
  • Minnie telling me James (a boy in her nursery) is no longer her best friend because he wears trousers (never trust a three year old in trousers)
  • my little girl belting out the Annie classic “Tomorrow” at the dinner table
  • Jackson shaking with excitement when I let him push the plunger down on our cafetiere
  • sharing a “turn” in the car

They are a delight and I’m glad I get this time with them.

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