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Time with one

You don’t often get time with just one of your babies when you have two close in age.  How you do it with twins I have no idea!

Most of the time I just have to sneak some time with one of them when the other is sleeping.  My eldest gets the rough side of this because when her little brother is sleeping Mummy generally has to get the dinner cooked or various other domestic duties.  Now that Minnie is going to nursery two afternoons a week I have some time with Jackson which we are both loving.  It makes me more aware that just-us-girls time is even more important to find.

Last Sunday we went out for a coffee and a fluffy (hot milk with a marshmallow) and had a great time using up all her stickers in her new magazine.  It was so lovely having an hour where I had nothing to do but talk with my daughter.

This week Jackson has been waking up later in the morning so I get to have a half hour of snuggling with my girl.  How lovely is it to wake up to this face.


And then at the end of the day we get to see this.


Makes all the stress in between worth it.

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