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Jackson is 1

A year ago today I met the second Cowles man I have fallen in love with.  We celebrated his first birthday in quite a low key fashion, learning from the traumas of an overwhelmed one year old daughter 18 months ago.  This is the diary of Jackson’s first birthday.

I got up at my usual time this morning and shouted until my mum came for me, as I usually do.  In she came and wished me a happy birthday.  We then went downstairs and I checked out my presents.


Before I/Minnie could open my presents I had my breakfast.


The first present was a keyboard (thank you Gran and Grandpa).  I played on that while Minnie unwrapped all of the rest.


After that I put on my new jacket (thank you Uncle Gordon and Aunty Rhiannon) and looked through my cards.


We went out to the toy library to get even more toys (these weren’t all for me, the pink pram is Minnie’s), then it was home for lunch with mum.


After lunch I had a nice relaxing poo.


I had a short nap (I was too excited to bother with sleep) and then we all went for a walk.


When we got back our friends came for my birthday tea time.  We had fairy cakes that mum didn’t make but she did design them in the shape of J1, which I totally appreciated.  Also my sister carried the box home when she bought them with dad so six of them were all squashed and messy, which I totally didn’t notice.


I had half of one of the blue cakes that had a Thomas the Tank Engine sweety on.  It was yum.


Afterwards I hung out with dad and Elsie (who I will play with when she can sit up) and her dad Jonnie.


Finally we turned off the lights and played with glow sticks, which you can’t see because mum’s flash on her camera phone makes it disappear.


After our friends left we went back to the usual routine, I had a bath with my sister, mum and I read stories together and I fell asleep.


I really did enjoy my birthday.

Jackson x


  1. julie pawson says

    Happy birthday Jackson!!! A whole year already!!! woop woo for you. Not a baby anymore. Big boy Jackson xx

  2. Jackie Burns says

    Thanks Claire for letting us share Jackson’s birthday. xxx

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