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Most Stressful Things

If you Google the most stressful things of life, moving house is always up in the Top 5 and often it’s in first place.  I’d like to confirm that it’s right where it should be, way above getting married, starting a new job and having babies.

We sold our house in September 2011, three months after I’d had my second baby – also officially stressful, I checked.  We moved out the following month and lodged with friends for five months (I can’t find that on a list but it should be there).  We spent those five months applying to emmigrate to the other side of the world (again not on a list but it really should be).  Once we got the go ahead, we flew 36 hours across the world with our two year old and 10 month old. Now we are house sitting an almost stranger’s house.  On Saturday we move into a furnished property for four months.  That’s four moves in six months.

Our furniture will arrive off the boat before our lease is up so we have already started to look for a house to buy.  We are looking in Christchurch, a city that is recovering from a devastating run of earthquakes and has tremors and aftershocks on a weekly basis.  This ground moving business is not good for any type of structure I’m told.

That’s not the only new thing for us consider.  Everything is done differently in the housing market over here so we keep having to review our approach to looking for houses and when we do find one we like we have to look into the added queries of has it been shot to pieces by the earthquakes past and will it withstand possible future earthquakes?  Questions no one will give us a straight answer to.  Added to that you must consider schools, facilities, parks and transport.  Once you’ve got through all that and the house is still on your list, you can decide if you like it!

My trouble is I fall in love with the houses that don’t tick all the earlier boxes and the ones that are safe and on steady land (for now) I find a little…blah.

We must have looked at between 20 to 30 properties now and I just want to crawl into a ball.  But you can’t because renting is more expensive than owning and very soon a lot of displaced people will be getting their earthquake payouts and hitting the market, flush!  Don’t get me wrong, they deserve a good home, I imagine living through an earthquake is high up on the stress list too, but I went through a 36 hour flight to get here people, that is not to be sniffed at!

And if all this stress isn’t enough, I am on my period!

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