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Before we came out to New Zealand we were warned that everything would be more expensive, and oh they were right.  With the exchange rate as it is we’re still better off buying in the UK and getting things brought or sent over.

So when we arrived, unpacked and realised in the middle of the last minute panic of squeezing my clothes into one suitcase I’d not packed anything to do sport in (I am a lesser version of myself without regular exercise) I was straight on email to my mum to get some things sent over.

As mum was treating (love her) I didn’t think Sweaty Betty was polite so I went for JD Sports sale and had a good hunt.  Generally I buy medium for everything, but if I have to go by size then it’s going to be between 10 and 12.  Having not lost all of my Jackson weight I tend to play safe at 12 but the jacket I liked was a 10 so I ordered it and got mum to model.  I am 5′ 8″ and my mum is 5′ 1″ – this may not work!

Whilst I wait to see if I’ve made the right decision (it arrives end of the week) I am loving my mum modelling – she looks pretty good for 52!


Something to bear in mind if you are posting something to New Zealand – make sure it’s under 2kg!

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