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Happy Women’s Day to my women

As I scrolled through Instagram this morning, it seemed that there was an usually large amount of love going out to women on my feed. It took a moment to register as to be fair, in the current climate there is generally at least two or three ‘strong women lift each other up’ type posts every day. Today it’s almost constant, occasionally interrupted by a pretty plate of food  (I love me some #foodies).

It is of course International Women’s Day. It’s prompted me to think about the women in my life and I realise that there have been, are and will be a HUGE amount of significant women in my life. What better way to celebrate than say thank you.

To the most important woman in my life, who is yet to be a woman, my daughter. Thank you for being the little embryo that could. For giving me hope when I was at my most hopeless. You could forget every Mother’s Day and I will still be indebted to you for making me a mum. That said, you know how much I like gifts…

Thanks to my mum. Another warrior, who taught me to always take the next step no matter how hard it is. I just have to think of you and I feel safe and comforted, such is the legacy of a good upbringing.

Thanks to the mother of my husband. You gave birth to the man of my life. He is a fascinating mix of gentle, kind and stubborn. May I be so bold as to say all directly given by the woman who brought him up?

To my two sisters: The one I share parents with – thank you for showing me that you can be lifelong friends with someone who is different in almost every way. And to the sister who taught my husband to be a friends with a woman – thank you for loving your brother (my husband) so constantly.

Thanks to my cool aunt, who showed me that women can drive fast, play any sport and stay happily married for life.

Thanks to my grandma. You loved me with such delight, I always felt cherished by you. If you hadn’t been my grandma and were born 60 years later, I totally would have wanted to be your friend.

To the woman who showed me Jesus. Thank you for being the most faithful of followers and the best of mentors.

To the wise lady who welcomed me into her home and let me be messy. For introducing me to a counsellor in my troubled teens. And loving me like I was one of your own. I thank you.

To my friend who I picked up from Scotch Corner to start a new life. You have one of the strongest minds I know and you have the cutest booty on the dance floor. Thank you for being a rock of a friend since that summer we discovered each other.

To the women who teach my children. Especially to the one that sits with my son every day and helps him catch up with the rest of the children in his year. To motivate my son to read and write is no small feat!

To the GP (in NZ) who always seemed genuinely happy to see me, would listen to my fears, talk me down from Google paranoia and looked after me as a person not a number. I realise now, you are rare.

To two female bosses who inspired me to be professional, hard working, determined and to never “settle”.

To the friend that never forgets my children’s birthdays, loves going to the cinema as much as I do (perhaps more!) and laughs just as loud. Thanks for all the memories of pure joy, too many to mention.

Thanks to the soul sisters I have met in churches all over the world. For praying for me, standing with me and pushing me on. My faith is stronger because of your faith.

For the GFC ladies in Liverpool. Thanks for the most honest conversations I have ever had, over good food and lots of wine. Let’s all try and wind up in the same old people’s home so we can see out our days roaring with laughter!

To the woman who made my marriage legal. We literally wouldn’t have got there without you keeping me on the straight and narrow!

To the mother of two of my best friends, whose home I was married from. Thank you for teaching me what a gracious wife and mother looks like, and how to roast vegetables.

To my most badass friend, with the sharpest wit and tiniest waist. You may be petite but you have the biggest personality and I love hanging with you.

To my blog-writing buddy. Thanks for coming with me to hard medical appointments and not keeping your distance when you had three babies and I had none.

To my Melbourne-trip besties. Thanks for the Friday night gatherings, for sharing dreams and disasters and helping me to feel at home in a foreign land.

To the woman who scooped me up at Christchurch airport when we landed with our babies. It wasn’t your job to entertain random english children and find me a pushchair but you saw a need and met it.

To the woman whose mum gave me the best dog in the world. Your passion for parenting is a gift, thanks for sharing all your wisdom and inspiring me to parent with purpose.


To the mum’s in my village. Thank you for inviting me and my children into your homes and to your parties. Who knew such a little village could contain this many beautiful, talented and genuinely interesting women.

Thanks to Julia for the beauty, Mary for the cakes, Alice for the health, Alanis for the melancholy,  Michelle for the leadership, Jane for the love stories, Jenn for the worship and Sweaty Betty for the lycra.

There are a thousand others. I hope I remember to thank you in person when next we meet, because I love you all and I am so grateful for your lives.


By the way, if there is an International Men’s Day – I could totally fill a page of thanks to all the amazing men in my life!



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