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Goodbye Francis

Our house in New Zealand officially sold whilst we were sleeping last night.

Out of the three houses we have owned so far, this was by far my favourite.  I always pinched myself that the house was ours when I drove up the road and turned into the drive.  It wasn’t perfect and we had to do a lot of work to get it how we wanted it but from the minute I first viewed it, I loved it.

Our first home in New Zealand, it is full of memories and significance.  Our children grew from one/two up to six/seven in this house – that’s a lot of time with all the family in the home.  It was such a lovely home, with a great sized private garden in the back and lots of rooms to spread out in and manage the mess.

We knocked a couple of walls down so I could have a dream kitchen with a big island in the middle, a butler’s pantry and huge amounts of shelves (I’m a little bit in love with shelves).  It had folding doors that flowed out onto the decking, so we were able to host alsorts of gatherings, and we put in an ensuite to the guest room so we could host visiting family with ease.

It was the right decision to sell as I don’t think I could have kept owning it whilst someone else lived in it, but I do feel very sad to let it go.

To get something equivalent where we are living now, I think we would have to sell a couple of organs and work until we were ninety.  I look around for what we have become used to; detached, a garden, big kitchen and living space and I want to cry at the prices!

I know we will find another house we can turn into a home but I have a feeling it will be a few years before we get the place that has the same X Factor that Francis Avenue had.

When it comes to affordable housing in desirable places, New Zealand wins.



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