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Change Is As Good As A Rest

You may have noticed that I have had a little blip in writing a blog everyday over the last three days?

This was mainly due to me moving office and my computer being turned off for two days.  And also sticking my hand up at the last PTA meeting to help with a cake stall for school on Sunday … when will I learn???

I probably could have carried on with the blogs but when everything was boxed up or midway between rooms my brain just couldn’t find space to think creatively.

The office is now upstairs in what was Jackson’s bedroom and the wee man is enjoying a more square shaped room with actual walls.

Jackson's New Bedroom

I’ve been banging on to Gareth all summer, when the children have been rioting together upstairs until 10pm most nights, that we need to get Jackson into my office.  First of all we’re splitting the terrors up.  Jackson gets a room that he might actually like to play in on his own sometimes.  And the Lego and cars that have literally taken over our living room since Christmas can be tidied away into boxes and shelves in his room, thus making our living room a more all-family-friendly space.  Yay!

The bonus is that my office is now amongst the trees.  Two thirds of the room is filled with the original leaded windows, which makes for such a pretty aspect.  Sadly I am going into the Winter so I’m not going to be enjoying warm breezes and birds singing for very long, but I’ll be able to watch the change of season and stare at passers by on the street as I brew up a new subject to write about.

I’ve been so busy making the move, organising it and ensuring the rest of the family are on board with all the reasons why it’s the best thing to do (Minnie being the hardest to convince!) that it’s not until now, as I type about it, that I realise how much the change of situation is good for me.  I love change, I find it invigorating.

This is the first time I have sat at the desk and it’s night time so the curtains are drawn, plus Minnie is making the most of the french doors that divide our rooms and is chatting away to me in the background, and yet still I have a bubble of excitement and expectation bouncing around inside.

Making changes peoples…

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