Being a Mum
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Wouldn’t it be luvverly

Wouldn’t it be great if family life was like this all the time?  Like the photos we take, and especially the ones we share.  Where the sun is shining and the children are smiling.


This photo was not taken today.  There is no way on earth this could have been taken today.

Today, the neighbour brought round my children after they had snuck out the living room window and visited her, without telling me they were leaving the building!

Today, my children got out almost all the cutlery we own and chopped up carrot and tomatoes and added water, a whole pot of cinnamon and fennel seeds to make soup for dinner.  And then spilt it all over the floor I’d hoovered and mopped one hour before.

Today, my children decided to climb into the garden shed we’ve had locked up for two years now with some poisonous mold problem, to have a play.

Today, my four and six year old children didn’t go to sleep until 9.15pm.

Today, I told my children off so much that Minnie asked why I was only “Angry Mum” today.

There is a reason I didn’t take any pictures today.

Instead, as I take stock of the day and wish I’d been “Fun Mum” and “Roll With The Punches Mum”, I have to look at these photos to remind me that it’s not always today.

Being a mum is not all smiles and cup cakes.  Sometimes being a mum is just endless arguments and time outs. And that’s why we take pictures with smiles on.  So we can tell ourselves that it’s not always tears and tantrums.  No really.  Sometimes we get it so right and it’s all just big fat smiles.

Keeping it real folks.






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