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Another Winter’s Day

I have been missing blogging these last few months, I have lots to say (I’m sure) but I just don’t have the time to think of it and even less time to put it down somewhere so other’s can read it!  So at 11.14pm on a Wednesday night, having just finished working for the night I thought I would post some photos from today.  I may regret this tomorrow morning but hey, live on the wild side that’s what I say (I don’t, not ever).

Grandparents look lively –  these are up-to-date photographs of your grandchildren – this is what they look like right now!


It’s the middle of Winter over here on the “other side” but the last couple of days have been sunny and mild (19 degrees!) so today, despite runny noses, gunky eyes, nasty coughs and runny bottoms my children embraced the outdoors like the long lost friend it is.  Clothes were stripped off, picnic lunch was served and the Wendy House had some fresh air come in.  Oh and the trampoline saw some action for the first time in months!

One thing that has changed since the last time some bouncing was had is Jackson can now floor Minnie.


OK in Minnie’s defence she has been sick for the last few days and shortly after this session her temperature went up to 38.6 and she sloped off for a midday nap, but I’m certain this is the state of play for the future – even stakes in the sibling rivalry.

The Winter is hard when you have toddlers because they have way too much energy for being inside all the time and there’s literally not enough puzzles in the world to keep my two on their bums for longer than 15 minutes.  Thank goodness for a large living room where we play Duck Duck Goose and Hide and Seek. Daily.  Getting outside reminded me of how much easier it is in the Summer and how much fun my children can be when the noise of them has endless sky to disappear into.  Most definitely the loudest children ever.  Anyone surprised? Anyone?

Jackson and Bread 030713

We went to a play park today and Jackson located a massive crust of bread I had brought to feed the ducks and carried the thing around with him the whole time.  Sometimes he nibbled on it, sometimes he offered it to other children to nibble on (to my horror some accepted the offer), he laid it on the floor when he needed both hands but always returned to it, sometimes standing on it before picking it up.  Disgusting but hilarious.

Minnie pulls a face 030713Minnie has relaxed more about having her photo taken and they are both pretty willing to have me take photos of them.  Here they were meant to be pulling funny faces at me – Minnie gets a strong 8 out of 10 for her efforts, Jackson as always missed the point.

So I’m grateful for today, grateful for the sun and grateful for my children, who despite pulling the curtains off the wall and breaking the TV with one big push, are the apple of my eye and I love them with my whole heart.  Don’t I Jackson.

Jackson Smiles 030713



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  1. Mum says

    Hi, a winter’s day with 19 degrees! Here on Arran we are still hoping for a summer’s day of 15 degrees! Fond memories of our stay with you in Jan/Feb.

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