Being a Mum
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Looking forward to the dentist

I realised last night that I was actually looking forward to my appointment at the dentist for two fillings.  I now know I was a fool as my entire mouth is numb, there is an ache in my jaw and the sound of drilling is still ringing in my ears.  Plus there is a dent in our bank balance that I would rather have spent on shoes.

Bearing all that in mind, what kind of a week did I have that made me look forward to such mouth violation?
My week contained  32 hours of work, visitors in the house who weren’t keen on children (eat my food, sleep in my house and wash your clothes in my machine – like my children peoples!), ferrying my children to various lovely friends houses to look after them while I did many hours of work with visitors, husband working 12 hour days and PMT like you wouldn’t believe.

Highlights were…

Minnie announcing for the tenth time that she doesn’t want me to be her mum anymore and me blubbing like a three year old getting bullied in the playground.


Having to wear selotaped up glasses because Jackson pulled the arm off them earlier in the week and my contact lenses still haven’t been delivered.


Walking 30 minutes to the Post Office, pushing my grumpy children with me.  Asking for stamps and picking a card to send, only to realise I didn’t bring my purse, so having to walk back 30 minutes up hill, get in car with even more grumpy children and return to Post Office for stamps – mainly so I had achieved one thing that day!


My week was always going to be tough with all that needed to be achieved but it is the overwhelming feeling that I am not a good enough mother to my children that crushes me in a way like nothing else I’ve ever felt or will ever feel.

So I write this to share with all my friends who read this and probably have had weeks like mine, to say as messed up as it sounds, sometimes it’s preferable to endure a drill in your mouth than spend an hour with your children.


  1. Jenny harding says

    You’re a great mum, Claire, they will appreciate you……in about 40 years!

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