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One month later

I don’t know what I was thinking when I said I would start a healthy eating campaign the day after we moved into our new home, with no furniture, no heating, in the middle of winter with two small children.  I am now confessing that nothing changed on the 1st of July, in fact things may have got worse for the first ten days when we spent every night unpacking and building furniture – we ate chocolate constantly.

So here we are on the 29th of July and I think I may be able to go on some level of a diet.  It helps that my husband is also keen to tone up – we are fighting the jabber together.

Here it is, the seven point plan:

  • exercise at least four times a week (Gareth gets this automatically with his hour of cycling to work and back!)
  • strictly no sweets and chocolate (unless they are a gift, then that would be rude to refuse)
  • moderate consumption of my baking (I do it for the children and guests!)
  • alcohol only on weekends (we already do this so it’s a bit of a freebie)
  • week day meals are as healthy and low fat as possible
  • yogurt, fruit and chopped raw vegetables are snacks
  • drink more water

That’s it.  Keeping it simple will hopefully be the secret to our success.  To be honest I know this is going to be challenging enough.  ‘No chocolate’ will be the toughest for us, we can get through a large block of Cadburys in 24 hours.  I have half a stone that has stayed on since losing the initial baby weight post Jackson.  It’s actually crept up to a stone since moving to NZ.  The long awaited Spring is only a month a way now.  There are no more excuses – let’s do this!

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