Month: June 2012

Switch off

Since having children and finding that I get short slots of time in the day and night where I can’t leave the house and I am really tired, I have formed a habit of watching a lot of TV.  I can get through a box set in a fortnight.  I have always justified it by the fact that I am really tired and we’ve been living in other people’s houses with about a tenth of our belongings so doing exercise, picking up a hobby or just being generally more productive was impossible.  Plus some days I am so stressed and emotionally drained from a day with two littlies that I literally can’t hold a conversation let alone do something valuable.  In short I just want to switch off. The problem is that my family could really do with me being a little more “engaged” again.  We move into our new house in four weeks time and we’ll get all our things then so proper life can begin.  I need to be ready. So I am …

Contents of his nappy

As many friends and family will know, due to a slow moving bowel in my youngest, I am unusually interested in the contents of his nappy. I am delighted when a poo comes out of its own accord.  I love a good soft easy one. Tonight’s nappy looked like it might have smarted on the way out. There were five puzzle pieces and two bites of cheese on toast.  Thankfully these had only travelled down the back of his vest and into his nappy.  The crazy thing is, they had been down there for about an hour and he’d sat in a car seat with them making an impression on his bum and lower back – no complaints. As I was putting him to bed tonight he was trying to shove a card down his back so I am looking forward to nappy checking being far more interesting in the next few weeks.


We watched a film last night, “Last Chance Harvey” – melancholy but very watchable thanks to the wonderful Emma Thompson and intriguing Dustin Hoffman.  I’m not going to explain the film’s story, other than it’s about two lonely people meeting and creating hope and happiness in each other. Towards the end of the story, in the bit where it looks the worst just before the happy ending, Emma Thompson’s character explains why she is scared of embarking on a relationship with the man, “..because I am comfortable with disappointment”.  A fairly sad statement no. I’ve been thinking about it ever since and it does resonate with me.  I have had my fair share of disappointment during my life.  I say fair share and I mean it, not too much, not too little, just enough to say that I am like most people.  I do think it’s not the disappointments themselves that mould us, but rather how we deal with them.  And in that I am still learning…and failing. Anyways the question here is, am I …