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Switch off

Since having children and finding that I get short slots of time in the day and night where I can’t leave the house and I am really tired, I have formed a habit of watching a lot of TV.  I can get through a box set in a fortnight.  I have always justified it by the fact that I am really tired and we’ve been living in other people’s houses with about a tenth of our belongings so doing exercise, picking up a hobby or just being generally more productive was impossible.  Plus some days I am so stressed and emotionally drained from a day with two littlies that I literally can’t hold a conversation let alone do something valuable.  In short I just want to switch off.

The problem is that my family could really do with me being a little more “engaged” again.  We move into our new house in four weeks time and we’ll get all our things then so proper life can begin.  I need to be ready.

So I am fasting TV this week.  I imagine there will be a few more blogs, lists drawn up, budgets created and purchases made for the new house.  More importantly Minnie and I will draw together, Gareth and I will have complete conversations and I might start to feel more excited about the future.

That’s not to say the episode of Lewis coming online at the end of the week isn’t totally planned for viewing on the weekend!



  1. julie pawson says

    wow 4 weeks- that is quick work.Bet you will be glad to get all your stuff. I hope it has arrived without any damage. We have been away in north yorkshire this weekend for some family time. Never been before and it was very beautiful but chilly. Has Minnie been for anymore pony rides? Asher is walking now- very sweet watching him xx

    • That’s amazing that Asher is walking but hardly surprising. Jackson is almost crawling, he gets on all fours and occasionally shuffles forward a bit. It’s a relief he’s close! You know how Noa used to only really like yogurt to eat…how long did that last for? How did you get her to eat other things? When did you get breakthrough? Jackson is a big fan of yogurt and not much else still….
      Where in Yorkshire were you? it is beautiful – that’s why I found it so hard to live in a city.
      Once we have moved into the new house, I will send out new home cards and we can start that letter writing between Noa and Minnie (as long as they haven’t forgotten each other) I’ve just wanted to get settled before we start life!

      • julie pawson says

        I would say by 18months she was eating most things we were. It did take ages but get going. We went to Filey. And yes excited to start the letters. Noa is missing Minnie but understands she has moved away and that we may hopefully get to come and visit (at some pointin the next few years)!!! xxx

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