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Muffin to go

In cafes over here, when you order a muffin, they ask if you want it warmed with butter – weird.  But that’s not the muffin this blog is about.

One of the problems with two winters in a row (there are too many to mention on one blog) is that you miss that time in 12 months where you are motivated and enabled to lose the jabber that appears over the cold, dark months.

This coupled with the fact that we have lived in temporary homes for that whole time (meaning we are without all of our belongings, my exercise “stuff” being part of the packed up things) I have really struggled to keep off the winter padding – the hips don’t lie.

Now we are two weeks away from moving into our new house (please God let it be so), 48 hours from the nights getting shorter and 22 days from me turning 36, which rather depressingly means I’m closer to 40 than 30 in this decade.


I haven’t worked out my plan yet (I always have to commit to a plan for getting fit).  It will be a combination of cutting out the naughty stuff (still bring back the Candy King you Barnetts!) and determining to do so many sessions of exercise in a week.  The latter is no bother, I love exercise and can’t wait to be doing it regularly again, especially as my lovely husband has purchased from Sweaty Betty for my birthday present.  It’s the first part of the plan that I struggle with – I like to eat.

Anyways as part of my commitment I will probably share with you all my plan.  Sort of like the Biggest Loser blog.  Just got to decide on it.  I have two weeks.  In the meantime I may be seen with a Crunchie or two….

If you have any words of motivation, hot tips or a recipe for non-fat biscuits, please do tell.


  1. Chloe Young says

    I too would like to shed a few pounds and have joined LA Fitness. You would think, what with it being about two mins from our house, that I would be able to go all the time…so far I’ve been twice in about three weeks. I am hoping to try and go more often. We shall see how that works out. I might try to join you in your fitness / muffin top losing mission – we have a holiday with peers in August and it would be nice to be slightly trimmer by then!

    • OK cool – someone to make me accountable! We move on Saturday which is the 30th so I reckon a good time to start is the 1st July. Although just for the record given my daughter mistakes you for Tracy Anderson (see Facebook comment) I don’t think this is a fair partnership – I will just aim to get a washboard stomach like you and you can just get to look gorgeous and lean as ever!

  2. Sheila says

    I sent the candy king to number 7 by accident so you can jog over to fetch it. Then you will have earned it easily……

    • You are a gem. I hardly think running round to next door will earn the sugar fest that is Candy King but the stress of moving this week should be burning off something??!!

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