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Snowman in June

Minnie and I had a delightful 10 minutes (seriously couldn’t do any longer with no wellies and no gloves) making a snowman – her first ever.


The snow is perfect, really sticky.  So sticky in fact that once we had got in, cleaned up and got into dry clothes I realised my wedding ring must be somewhere in the snowman!

Don’t worry any of you who know I wear my great Grandma’s engagement ring, that is currently being valued at a jewelers for our new contents insurance, phew.  However this means until the snow melts and I can get out there to dissect the snowman I have nothing on my ring finger – very disconcerting!

We’re trapped in the house for the afternoon now – have no idea how I’m going to keep us all sane until dinner time – please Jackson have a REALLY long lunchtime nap…


  1. Joan says

    We dont even have the joy of fresh snow! Just dull grey clouds and rain with 5 seconds of sunshine in a day. Oh we had hail on Monday but then it is summer in Castleside!!

    • Yikes the joys of an English summer in the north east. I skyped my mum in Arron this morning, she was saying the ferry might be cancelled tomorrow because of gail force winds! The heat wave was short lived eh. Hopefully it will cheer up for Jonnie and Sheila’s visit – you must be excited – they’re arriving very soon!

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