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Gold on the streets

My sister is going to be so proud of me when she reads this one.

This morning I was on my usual quest “to get fresh air” with the children and had Jackson in a back pack and Minnie in the pushchair.  As I was walking along I could see walking towards us, a lady probably in her seventies smiling, no beaming at us.  So I stopped.  Yes that’s right Bud I stopped to talk to an old person in the street.

I am so glad I did.  Turns out she was gorgeous.  A doctor who had never married but had spent twenty years of her life working in hospitals in South Africa.  She owned a house out there and was going back for a year.  This angel also owned a house in Kent and Christchurch and best of all, she thought my children were lovely (first way to my heart). We swapped names (Mary is hers) which led into a long conversation about the Scottish, Welsh and English.  Mary said that the Scots (from which she descended) had rings of gold in their eyes (which she had) giving them a beautiful aesthetic (which hers had).

In the end Mary insisted on getting my number and said she would call when she returned to Christchurch in a year.  It seemed like the thing she was most excited about returning for was to see Jackson walking.  My children and I were literally delighted in by this wonderful person.

I know that my sister would have made Mary her BFF there and then, and I wouldn’t blame her but I don’t know that I could go that far.  Have to say though, I hope she does call….


  1. Jackie Burns says

    What a lovely posting Claire. I wonder how many other uplifting experiences we miss because being so focused on our own agenda’s we don’t see the opportunities around us, expecially the ones that are there to bless us. xx

  2. Nick says

    How lovely. Of course now I have to stare all Scottish persons in the eye… Luckily we have 3 coming to stay soon!

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