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House buying sucks

How do you prepare yourself for disappointment, without just bringing forward the feeling of disappointment?

Gareth and I are still trying to buy a house in Christchurch.  After a huge search across the city, we settled on a lovely house on a pretty street in a not so desirable area of town (due to liquifaction not crime rates).

In New Zealand there is quite a formal procedure to put in your offer, you have to sign a contract that awards you two weeks to get all your ducks in line for a definite sale.  Once you get to that point there is no going back.

HOWEVER if in that two week period your building inspection flags up a bundle of problems with the house, then everything stays not so definite.  Oddly the issues on this house aren’t earthquake related and are more to do with the age of house.  Maybe New Zealand isn’t so different to the UK.  Tomorrow is the 14th day so decisions must be made and I fear we are going back into money negotiations that will probably result in a stale mate of they won’t pay for the work to be done and we can’t.

Going back to house searching my heart is sinking, I think this house is the only one I like in the city.  It doesn’t help that in the two weeks we’ve had I’ve joined a library, settled on a nursery, discovered parks and found out about some potential friends, all in the area of this house….totally gutted.

Still we’ve had miracles in the past so I have hope and hope is the antidote to disappointment.


    • Thanks sweetheart. I remember that you didn’t get your first choice and you love what you have now so there is always something better out there I’m sure. XX

      • This is true. I could find only one house that was right for us but we were forced to consider other options and we are both so glad we did. Hopefully, within a couple of months, you will be in your wonderful new home wherever that may be. Hang in there Hun. I’m hoping this one will be yours in the end. Xxx

  1. Nick says

    Hey sis don’t get down… Every time me and Emma moved house, we found a great place, then lost it… Then got all sad… Then found an even better place! Don’t give up, you’ll find your home and all will be well xxxx

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