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Giddyup we’re homeward bound

Minnie had her first pony ride today and she loved it!  As soon as she was on HP (Harry Potter) she shouted “giddyup” periodically to remind her stead who was in charge.  All those “Nimminnie knee” sessions have paid off Pops!  What was most curious was her fascination with the horse poos along the way, “there’s a poo” was said just as often as “giddyup”.

Her enjoyment of it made me so proud.  I find that it’s generally when my children do something I wasn’t expecting them to do that I feel most proud.

I think I had my first pony ride when I was five or six.  My dad used to take me to lessons every Saturday through my childhood and then bought me a horse, Moose, when I was in my teens.  At about 15 I realised that boyfriends and horses didn’t mix – I think I’ve been on a horse about three times since then.  My dad still owns horses!

So I’m excited about the prospect of Minnie enjoying horses, learning to ride, muck out and make some good girl friends.  I get that this won’t be for few years yet but once a month having a little trot round the field should give her enough of a taste to see if she wants to commit.

Now begins the minefield of encouraging your children to take up hobbies that they enjoy without pushing your own preferences and ambitions too much that they grow to resent their weekend activities!  I’m really excited to find out what they will enjoy and excel in.


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  1. Jackie Burns says

    Brings back memories of when you were little. She looks so confident – just like you were, AH! x

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