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Potty Update

For anyone following this blog regularly, I thought you should know (mostly so Minnie gets some credit) that my first born has had four days of no accidents and has already upgraded from potty to toilet.

Now I want to know how do you stop having to dole out smarties every time they succeed?  Her teeth will fall out!




  1. Jackie Burns says

    Just tell her that you are upgrading her treat to an apple, which is an even bigger reward!
    She is bright though and probably won’t fall for that.

  2. Sheindal says

    After several poos all over the floor when I was busy upstairs with E, we decided to go for 1p and 2p coins as a reward for Y using the potty. It lasted a couple of months but I think he’s pretty much forgotten about them now and is using the toilet or potty without any bribery needed 🙂 He’s that bit older and can pull trouser and pants down and up himself now which makes it easier of course. (Really likes ‘helping the trees to grow’ when outside too. And it wasn’t me who taught him that, hmmm…) You might be passed the payment stage now too of course as this blog entry is a whole month old…

    • Hi. Yes we have moved on and there is no more chocolate for going to the toilet. I like the helping the trees to go idea for outside wees – shall bear in mind for the future! Thanks x

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