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Potty Training Whilst Flying

Minnie has been ready to potty train for a long time but we had to postpone whilst we were living in other people’s houses.  First day into our rented property in Christchurch, I showed Minnie her big girl pants and we were off!

Minnie has been taking herself off to somewhere private to have her number twos for about a year now.  And for the last month she has started telling me she’s having a wee.  Even Jackson has his evening poo in the potty, which his sister takes great interest in.  Basically I thought we’d get through this quickly.  One day in and I’m not so sure. 

The problem we seem to be suffering from is not what I expected.  I was sure Minnie would hate the mess and wet of peeing through her pants…not so.  In fact she is delighted every time she wets herself because that means she can choose a new pair of pants and leggings to wear…on reflection I should have seen this coming.  My little budding stylist changes her outfits every hour so adding brightly coloured knickers to her wardrobe was just making it more fun.  How do I convince my little girl that having to change her wet knickers five times a day is a bad thing?

On our first day of potty training, we go to an emergency services vehicle show near the airport.  Three outfits down already I had my reservations about going on an outing so early into our training but it was in a field so essentially one big wee-ing ground. 

New Zealanders know how to give a family a fun day out.  There were fire engines, ambulances, a bouncy castle, face painting and the best bit, helicopter rides.  One of the helicopters was parked so you could just sit in the seats and play with all the flashy buttons.  Distracted by the growing queue behind us, and my need to persuade Minnie to get out of the pilot’s seat, I hadn’t noticed the puddle on the pilot’s seat. “OK we really have to go now Minnie”.  Thankfully they were leather seats, I had some wipes on me and the next person in line was a mum of a toddler with a sympathetic face – phew!

One embarrassed mother later, we switched to a nappy, which meant daddy was happy to take our little puddler on a helicopter flight across the city.

On a positive note, just before bath time, Minnie was knicker-free (I refused to let her have another pair after the sixth) and all of a sudden she leapt up and took a huge dump in the potty – that’s my girl!

I still haven’t worked out my approach for day two of training, but I do have a huge pile of clean knickers ready to go.


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