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When A City Falls

Last night Gareth and I watched the DVD, “When A City Falls” which basically tells the story of Christchurch’s earthquakes.

It’s very simple and real.  You get a good insight into how people were effected, which really is the story you want to learn when you move to the city.

We wander on Sumner beach like the picture below and you get no notion of what Christchurch citizens lived through. You realise why people are selling their houses and moving North.  If you experience a 7.1 in the September, dust yourself off, mend what’s broken, celebrate a Christmas, see a New Year in and then wham get thrashed (literally) by a 6.3 in the February you are going to really struggle to forget and just carry on life as normal.  If it were me I would be always suspicious, always thinking about the chance of another, working out the odds of whether I’d fair as well as the last time.  I’d want to leave to.

I still haven’t even felt a tremor so I have nothing but this DVD and comments of locals I meet to give me an idea of what it was like.  I hope I never go through what they went through.  I hope all I see is the rebuilding of a beautiful city.

Despite the past, in my present version of Christchurch, I can see peace and calm.

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