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Week by week

One of our motivations for leaving Liverpool was to step out of the speed of city living.  It’s a long story but New Zealand is effectively our stepping stone to the Lake District.

I’ll let you know how that works out.

Someone pointed out that Christchurch is, in fact, a city so was there not a flaw in our plan? Now having lived here two weeks I am heartened by the distinct impression that New Zealanders move slower than us Brits and in a good way.  They don’t sprint because they are enjoying the moment.

First indicator of how things are different, go into a coffee shop for a take-out latte, take a book, you’ll be there for 15 minutes.  People say hello as they pass you and often stop to genuinely ask you how you are.  This may not be the same thing but over here bills are measured in weeks not months, so rent is charged by the week, your phone bill and your car repayments also. They take life week by week not month by month – that’s got to feel steadier.

Our life has been far from slow since we got here and buying a house (when we finally find it) probably won’t feel easy but once we’re settled, I’m going for this slower life – I think I’ll be a better person for it.

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