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The X Factor

We went to see two more houses to buy today.  One was way too small and had this Kiwi quirk (at least to me) where even though it was a two storey house it had the master bedroom on the ground floor.  Unless it’s a bungalow, I like all my bedrooms upstairs thank you.  Then the second one was lovely, peaceful, good size, tidy garden and totally out of our price range….sigh.

We have another six to see over the weekend.  Although, after the many tears and protests from my children (and one or two from my husband) I am going alone to one and we’ve got our lovely friends looking after the children so we can do a whistle stop tour of five in a row. 

Even though that will make the grand total nearly up to an exhausting 20 viewings in four days this is going to be worth it, I know there is a house nearby that when we walk into it it will have the “X Factor” that Kirsty Allsop insists is crucial and we will have that inner peace and outer glow about being financially strapped to it for the forseeable future!

Lessons learnt so far:

– in Christchurch, no matter what it’s made of, your house may fall down after an earthquake

– NZ estate agents work on commission and even within the same company they are fighting nail and tooth to get your business so pick one and stick with them or you find yourself in the middle of a cat fight

– when you like a house you can’t just ring up, give them your offer and begin a discussion on an agreed price, just to see if you might be able to get it for what you want.  Oh no, when you want to start talking money, you have to put your signature to it and unless you have a clause that gets you out of it for some reason down the line you have to stick to that first offer – yikes!

– then once you have gone through everything, agreed the price, had all your surveys, commissioned your solicitors and set a completion date, you the buyer still have to pay a deposit to the estate agent (??!!) who keeps it in their trust bank until the sale goes through.  Whatever happened to trust and honour people of New Zealand??

All that said we are excited and we know ‘Our Home’ is around the corner, at least it has to be as our furniture is on the way and our children will soon be refusing to enter houses with signs outside.



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