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Moving countries

Once we decided we were going to move to New Zealand and it looked likely Gareth would get a job with his company, we put our house up for sale.  At the time we figured it could take months to sell and we didn’t want to be in the position where he was due to start his job and we still had a house in the UK to shift.  As we knew we wouldn’t be coming back to Liverpool it was an easy decision.  The sale was a lot easier than we expected and we accepted an offer in a week!  The day Gareth accepted an offer of a job in Auckland, the sale of our house went through.

That was three months ago now and we are only just posting off our application for residency, yes people it takes that long.  Don’t get me started on the costs, I may weep.  Right up until the residency application process our move to NZ seemed fast and smooth.  I’m actually told 3-4 months isn’t that slow for getting a visa, and yet it feels very long and drawn out.

If it wasn’t my life on hold I would probably be fine about the wait, even heartened by the fact that it does take this long.  I can’t decide if it is our country hanging on to us or our new country hesitating on letting us in. Either way they aren’t rushing.  It does make me think we should be taking this amount of time to be absolutely sure we want to go.  The times where it has seemed so slow and like it’s an impossible goal has worked to make me sure I want to go, a bit like my husband’s reaction to being told we may never have children, all of a sudden his need to have children became as strong as mine.

We always want what we can’t have.

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